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The Air Charter Association launches broker qualification
In this largely unregulated air charter broker business the need for formal qualification stands out. The Air Charter Association is launching a training programme at ACE19.
The Air Charter Association deputy chair Julie Black will introduce its new air charter broker qualification course at ACE19.

The Air Charter Association is launching a brand new air charter broker qualification course at this year's Air Charter Expo, ACE 19, taking place at Biggin Hil airport in September.

This innovative concept means that individual brokers will be able to gain an industry specific qualification tailored to the requirements of the air charter industry. The Air Charter Association has always had a code of conduct, the association's motto being 'my word, my bond'. However, this broker training has been designed to reinforce the standards and best practices of The Air Charter Association as well as offer continuing professional development.

There will be an introductory broker training seminar at ACE 19 on 17 September. Brokers can learn more about the four-stage programme and how the series of training days have been designed to build broker knowledge and understanding, to formalise industry standards. During the training days brokers will be assessed at each stage in order to gain the qualification.

The multi-phase programme will take place on a series of training days staged throughout the next year and will include a practical 'on airport' experience day, so that trainees can see first-hand the workings of an airline, handling agent and FBO. Assessments will start during the second training module and continue with the third and fourth steps in order that those who complete the course receive an advanced level qualification certificate of competence.

After the initial introduction at ACE 19, the level one foundation training will take place in November 2019 and attendees will immediately have the chance to start the qualification process.

Deputy chair of The Air Charter Association Julie Black is the driving force behind this initiative and has been instrumental in setting up the series of broker training modules. She says: “This series of training days has been designed to deliver a set of skills and experiences to enable brokers to maintain standards and best practices. It is an excellent opportunity for air charter professionals at all levels to learn more about every aspect of chartering an aircraft. I am particularly pleased to be including a day at an airport so that brokers can experience everything that Is involved in creating the perfect flight experience. However, we will also cover topics relevant to successful relationship management, as the tripartite bond between customer, broker and operator is of paramount importance even in an increasingly digital age.”

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