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NaJet launches Russian charter platform
A new charter sales platform is set to tackle the fast and accurate production of quotes for the Russian business aviation market. In time, NaJet hopes to expand its reach further afield.
Mikhail Titov CEO has fashioned his offices with aircraft and airport themes.

Russian national online charter flight booking platform NaJet is to launch at RUBAE in Vnukovo in September. The company was founded in the autumn of 2017, in Moscow, with the aim of creating a national platform of online sales of charter flights on business jets. A working prototype will be demonstrated at the expo and the CEO Mikhail Titov hopes to sign the first contracts there.

“We have created a business aviation airline management programme that allows tracking of all data relevant to the

status of an airline's resources at any given time,” says Titov. “We plan to sign up the leading Russian business aviation airlines and operators for our innovative product, which has been developed by probably the best specialist business aviation and software production team in Russia.”

While today's marketplace is home to a large number of automated sales platforms, Titov says that they all require additional negotiation, contacts and clarifications, which takes up a lot of extra time and doesn't always present the best option in the end. “What is the problem?” he asks. “In this age of information technology, what prevents us from being able to make an actual online sale are the technical difficulties inherent in creating an analysis algorithm. The huge array of data, parameters and limitations inhibit development of an 'ideal' mathematical model, so it is not possible to make business aviation sales as simple and elegant as, say, the sales of commercial airline tickets or an online taxi service.” However, he feels that NaJet's team of flight organisation and programming specialists has achieved the ambitious task of solving this problem.

Titov says NaJet has developed an algorithm that will instantly analyse an entire array of flight and operations information such as calculation of the duration of the flight, regulations and NOTAMS etc, and will produce real and objective client offers. “In this context, the word 'real' means that every offer will contain the tail number of a particular aircraft, the specific and only possible flight schedule and the cost,” he adds. “The client just has to choose a convenient option, and pay.”

Initially the company is planning to cover only Russian airlines and operators, as the software contains some specific algorithms dictated by Russian aviation rules, which differ from FAA or EASA regulations. “It will be much easier for us to start with the Russian market and make any adjustments to the platform, before expanding our reach,” he adds. Later on there are plans to develop mechanisms for combining 'specific algorithms' with the most popular business aviation software. “Doing this will make our local project international,” he adds. “Let's say that revolution comes from the east.”