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AviationManuals assists operators seeking LOAs with handy guide
AviationManuals CEO Mark Baier says that knowing which LOAs are required and successfully applying for them can be daunting for pilots and operators. His company's LOA Guide intends to make the process simpler.

Aircraft manual and SMS developer AviationManuals has released a guide to help operators understand the various requirements for Letter of Authorisation (LOA) applications. AviationManuals' LOA Guide outlines which LOAs are required, based on flight parameters and geographic areas of flight. The guide highlights approximate application turnaround timelines and key elements to keep in mind when submitting an application.

“Knowing which LOAs are required and successfully applying for them can be daunting for pilots and operators,” explains CEO Mark Baier. “Miscalculating approval times, or not having the right LOAs, can have negative operational consequences and can be costly too. We wanted to create a free resource that outlines requirements and the application process so operators can more easily ensure they have the LOAs they need.”

The FAA issues LOAs allowing an operator to engage in a specific flight activity that requires authorisation. Although the FAA only requires a few potential LOAs for domestic US operations, other countries may require additional authorisations prior to conducting certain operations in their airspace.

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