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NSAC business terminal opens at Ostend-Bruges
Business aviation operations have had a major boost at Ostend-Bruges airport. NASC's new terminal has VIP and office facilities as well as room for the border police.
North Sea Aviation Center will open the doors to a brand new business terminal at Ostend-Bruges in October.

North Sea Aviation Center (NSAC), led by CEO Jef De Kinder and general manager Erik Vermeersch, has opened a brand new business terminal at Ostend-Bruges airport; a full-service concept for all general aviation customers on both private and business flights.

The business terminal is 857 sqm in size with facilities ranging from a VIP lounge to office spaces. Construction comes in response to increasing demand, and consequently the increasing number of private jets landing, at Ostend-Bruges airport. These private flights make up five to 10 per cent of the airport's current revenue.

Vermeersch says: “The big advantage is that we can certainly generate business and we intend to bring more larger private jets here. In this context both the operational capacities of the airport and the new NSAC facilities are important assets that we will certainly play on at international fairs and in our direct contacts with operators. We are aiming for around 1,500 movements per year and will be very targeted at promoting both the airport and NSAC.”

There are aound 24,000 annual movements at Ostend-Bruges airport, of which six per cent are currently from business aviation. This share is still fairly modest, but the new infrastructure will undoubtedly provide growth potential.

Ostend-Bruges airport CEO Marcel Buelens adds: “Business aviation is the third pillar in the development plan for our airport, together with passenger activities, air cargo/logistics and e-commerce distribution. With NSAC, we will soon be bringing business travellers the speed, comfort and discretion they need. Until now, our VIP, private and business flight activities were housed in our general terminal, which was not ideal. This is now undergoing a drastic change and hopefully all activities via NSAC will bring extra jobs to our airport and region. Customs and border police will also be given a permanent place at NSAC, and we are looking forward to a good cooperation and will continue to promote our airport together.”

Some of the services that NSAC will offer in the new business terminal are ground handling for all private and business flights up to 45.5 tons and maintenance of aircraft and helicopters in collaboration with Gill Aviation, a Kortrijk-Wevelgem-based MRO. NSAC is also responsible for catering on board and, as well as offering medical examinations for pilots, there is a VIP lounge in the new business terminal. Limousines, cars and bicycles can be reserved and the company also provides advice and support with the sale of aircraft and helicopters.

The official opening of NSAC for the press and its customers will be on 10 October, 2019.

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