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European distributor appointed for Gogo products
UK-based Adams Aviation is to become a distributor for Gogo Business Aviation's connectivity products, designed for lights jets and turboprops in Europe; bringing the internet to the sky, as the manufacturer says.

UK-based Adams Aviation has been named as a distributor for Gogo Business Aviation's connectivity products designed for lights jets and turboprops in Europe. Gogo offers an array of connectivity solutions that includes Gogo Avance SCS and, when it launches, Iridium Certus. From in-flight internet and email to personal smartphone use for calls and texting, as well as unleashing the full potential of cockpit apps, Gogo provides inflight connectivity for owners, operators, passengers and pilots.

“Adams is honoured to be working with Gogo Business Aviation, an industry leader in this exciting and growing field,” says sales and market development manager Robin Walsh. “It's a sector of our business that is buzzing, from OEMs installing as a must have for business travellers to the raft of cabin upgrades and modifications taking place, and it seamlessly complements existing products and services that we are already providing to this particular market.”

Gogo Avance SCS includes multi-bearer data and voice management for Gogo systems, Iridium and other satellite services, along with Gogo Vision, an inflight entertainment and information service delivering the latest Hollywood movies, hit TV programmes, magazines and business news in seven languages. When it becomes available, Gogo will offer Iridium Certus, an ideal satellite solution for flight deck communications for business jet flight deck and cabin connectivity for light jets and turboprops.

Gogo Business Aviation's solutions also add to the value of an aircraft because those equipped with wi-fi fetch a higher resale price. It's an investment that is proven to pay in the short and long term. With specially designed wi-fi systems for light jets and turboprops the equipment is small and light so it does not have an impact on aircraft performance. It's smart and gives everyone on board control and freedom and, importantly, is affordable with hourly fixed plans that make budgeting easy.

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