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GoDirect Flight enhancements should clear European skies
Honeywell has improved its GoDirect Flight services in order to help clients avoid air traffic congestion in Europe. It promises a 90 per cent route approval rate from Eurocontrol.
Honeywell vice president and general manager, software and services John Peterson.

Honeywell is continuing to tailor its GoDirect services to the needs of operators around the world with the creation of a route optimisation technology for Eurocontrol routes. The new technology eases the burden on pilots and dispatchers who are tasked with planning flights in this congested and often restricted region, and saves operators both time and money with more efficient routes.

The new and improved GoDirect Flight planner allows Honeywell to deliver customers a 90 per cent route approval rate. They will save valuable time on flight planning in the European region, while the likelihood of delays and mistakes, and the associated hefty costs, are significantly reduced.

“The European region is a congested and complex airspace, but that doesn't mean operators and pilots need to settle for the current state of affairs when software, connectivity and analytics can deliver better routes with higher confidence,” says vice president and general manager, software and services John Peterson. “With this new technology, we are offering our customers an unparalleled and integrated solution that will increase their success rates with Eurocontrol, making flight planning much faster and easier.”

With the new route optimisation technology, Honeywell's GoDirect Flight planner aligns to Eurocontrol's established business service and ensures that Eurocontrol's more than 22,000 unique routing rules and constraints are obeyed, giving pilots and dispatchers peace of mind while optimising for efficiency.

GoDirect Flight is a part of Honeywell's GoDirect family, one of the industry's most complete offerings of more than 50 services and applications that provide business aviation operators, flight crews and maintenance teams with the critical information they need to control their services and network. Combined, these applications improve the overall support service for pilots, dispatchers and schedulers while increasing the safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness that business aviation operations require.

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