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Orca amphibian targets search and surveillance
Based on the Seastar, an older twin turboprop from the Dornier stable, the Orca has five-blade propellers and powerful turbine drive. EIS for this economically efficient and fast amphibious is planned for 2022.
The Orca is a new product line from Dornier Seawings.

Dornier Seawings is introducing a new product line purely for governmental operators: Orca, an advanced amphibious mission platform.

The Orca is based on the design concept of the Seastar, with the same features and advantages but optional internal and external mission equipment stations. The main concept of the Orca is to enhance typical maritime security missions while merging seaborne and airborne operations, making it a superior alternative to rotor wings.

The Orca can typically be equipped with camera and radar systems for search and surveillance, stretchers for medical evacuation and self-protection items for defence purposes. It can be highly customised to suit the current operational profile and demand. Dornier Seawings is in negotiation with several governmental marine departments that have shown serious interest in using the Orca to ensure a high level in maritime security aspects.

The Orca is also useful for analysing plastic garbage in the ocean, where typical seaborne assets can't provide research on a daily basis. The in-water plastic analysis could become an important first step to success in reducing plastic waste that ends up in the ocean by defining the waste origins and the right countermeasures.

Besides being equipped with modern systems, the Orca also features an all-composite airframe which makes it corrosion-free even in a salty environment. It can handle rough sea conditions with its boat-shaped fuselage and water surface optimised design elements.

The first Orcas are expected to be ready to enter service in 2022.

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