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AviationManuals celebrates a landmark year
AviationManuals took on 30 per cent more new hires last year in response to demand. It has released an ARC iPad app in the last 12 months, and its ERP and MEL manuals are increasingly popular.

SMS software provider AviationManuals has closed 2018 with a 35 per cent increase in revenue. The company enjoyed a 25 per cent increase in its International Operations and Procedures update service, with recipients now exceeding 1,400 and also saw a 25 per cent subscription increase for its ARC SMS digital platform to nearly 6,000 active users.

Manual development was also in high demand last year, with Emergecy Response Plans increasing by 130% and Minimum Equipment Lists up 57%.

The company implemented numerous operator-requested functionalities and modules in 2018 to improve the way business aviation flight departments, aircraft management companies and independent owners and operators track and enhance their safety standards. One such improvement was the ARC iPad app encompassing risk assessments, forms and document hosting, which boosted app users by an average of 48 per cent per week throughout the year. The app aims to simplify the SMS process by allowing users to initiate, and manage risk assessments and forms, as well as manage their documents while offline.

“Affordable, easy to use solutions are what the industry tells us it needs when it comes to safety enhancements,” says CEO Mark Baier. “We are thus constantly developing new, easy to implement manuals and digital SMS platforms to help fixed and rotary wing operators, drone operators, technicians and FBOs improve the way they operate."

To meet the company's 2018 increase in business, AviationManuals has taken on 30 per cent more new hires, a record since the company was founded.

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