Founder and CEO Ty Carter hopes MemberJets will introduce its Palm Beach to New Jersey shuttle flights from early January until Easter 2019.

Founder and CEO Ty Carter hopes MemberJets will introduce its Palm Beach to New Jersey shuttle flights from early January until Easter 2019.

December 4, 2018

MemberJets to launch charter broker shuttle programme
MemberJets claims that its free B2B aviation marketplace resolves the complexity of DOT Part 380 for charter brokers and Part 135 operators by enabling the sale of charter on an individual seat basis.

US seat selling platform MemberJets is collecting proposals from aircraft operators to support a shuttle operation between Palm Beach, Florida, and Teterboro, New Jersey. Company founder and CEO Ty Carter explains: “We will host the inaugural schedule and make seats available for booking through our partner network of charter brokers and travel agencies. Our embrace of these powerhouses is what sets us apart from the pack. The resulting benefit for the traveller is that their broker now has the resources to create, sell and purchase seats on behalf of their clients while offering an array of new flight options and prices historically unobtainable through a charter broker.”

He continues: “This marketplace was designed to empower the players within the charter industry to legally compete in today's evolving shared economy without any associated expense. It is truly a new frontier.”

Flights will initially operate four days each week from early January until around Easter 2019. Newly appointed company president Louis Jennings adds: “We are truly unique since brokers control the majority of the marketplace. Whether creating a shuttle, special event flight or just a shared flight, the majority of flights and seats will be created directly by our broker partners. It is exciting to provide a turnkey solution that allows the charter brokerage community the ability to rapidly grow and compete in a marketplace that has gone to great lengths to pass them by.”

MemberJets is a DOT 14CFR Part 380 Indirect Air Carrier that provides a platform enabling approved charter brokers and aircraft operators to actively engage in the sale and management of individual seats, publish routes and provide transparent pricing. Any charter flight can be operated through the MemberJets programme. The booking engine is free to qualified parties, and the company claims it provides the ability to increase revenue and customer satisfaction with no up-front expense.

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