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Gogo DASH opens up network visibility
Connectivity is often the biggest influencer on passenger satisfaction, says Gogo. Aircraft owners however crave visibility into the performance of the connectivity systems on board their aircraft.

To help provide greater insight and better diagnostic tools, Gogo Business Aviation is introducing Gogo DASH, a new toolkit that is designed to give operators and pilots visibility into the Gogo network and the connectivity systems they have installed on their aircraft. Gogo DASH is comprised of the DASH mobile app and DASH portal and provides information for a single aircraft or an entire fleet.

“Before Gogo DASH, a director of maintenance, who is the person responsible for the smooth running of the aircraft systems, would be the last person to know if there was an issue with the system on board one of their aircraft,” says vice president of customer support Dave Glenn. “Now, with DASH, he or she is the first person to know, which enables them to be a lot more proactive and that's critical. It also enables us to get support to them much faster to get their systems back on track when needed.”

Gogo DASH is available to customers with Gogo Avance or any other Gogo ATG (air-to-ground) system, and the mobile app and portal feature an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

The mobile app aims to give airborne personnel instant visibility into their Gogo systems during flight, and provide them with key information to help diagnose and resolve an issue when working with their ground operations teams or Gogo customer support. Via a touch of a button on their mobile device, users can check network availability, system health status and see which services they have on board.

The portal is also designed to arm flight departments and technical teams on the ground, wherever they are in the world, with operational access into the Gogo networks, devices and systems they have installed on their aircraft. The insights provided by Gogo DASH should help these teams ensure the best possible passenger experience while providing the critical information needed to speed diagnostics and issue resolution, either during a flight or post-flight.

The portal is web-based, device agnostic and even lets ground teams see how much data is being used in aggregate and by device type on the aircraft. As users leverage DASH over time, aggregated information will be gathered providing valuable insight into trends that will allow Gogo to improve performance across its network.

While DASH is optimised for the Gogo Avance software-centric platform, it is built to support all other ATG systems as well. The Avance software-centric design is conceived to make continuous innovation possible, so anyone flying with an Avance system today can expect Gogo DASH and other Gogo services to improve in functionality over time.

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