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Singapore traders sign for longer-range BBJ
The Boeing BBJ MAX is growing in popularity and has now amassed 20 orders worldwide, including one from Seacons Trading of Singapore which currently has a BBJ NG.
Samsudin Andi Arsyad, chairman of Seacons Trading, (centre) witnessed the signing.

Longer range was the priority for global trading company Seacons Trading Limited, and an upgrade to the latest BBJ will comfortably stretch this to 7,000nm.

The Singapore-based manufacturing and wholesale business ordered a Boeing BBJ MAX 7 during the Farnborough air show: "We are excited to announce the BBJ MAX 7 order," says ceo Dudy Purwagandhi. "We already operate a BBJ NG as well as a G550 and we've chosen the BBJ MAX 7 because it offers more room and more range. It has features and capability that allow us to meet our very long distance and demanding international flights with the best passenger comfort in its class."

Samsudin Andi Arsyad, chairman of Seacons Trading Ltd, witnessed the signing for the aircraft.

Based on the new 737 MAX commercial airliner, the BBJ MAX delivers 14 per cent better fuel efficiency thanks to advanced engines and improved aerodynamics. The model also features 787-style flight deck displays and multiple advanced new systems.

"We are delighted that Seacons Trading has selected the best-in-class capabilities of the BBJ MAX," said Ihssane Mounir, senior vp of commercial sales and marketing for Boeing Company. "The BBJ MAX family is perfectly suited for the demanding private jet market with its superior range, fuel efficiency and greater cabin space."

Customers from around the world have placed orders for 20 BBJ MAX airplanes for all three models in the family: the BBJ MAX 7, BBJ MAX 8 and BBJ MAX 9. The first delivery is set for later this year.

The family features a lower cabin altitude, integrated airstairs and personalised interiors.

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