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Duncan in Lincoln gains IS-BAH accreditation
Dealing with aircraft in different states of overhaul made IS-BAH accreditation trickier for Duncan Aviation, but its Lincoln team were up to the challenge. The company's other locations will follow soon.
Duncan Aviation has turned its 'tribal knowledge' into official written policies on every aspect of its services.

Duncan Aviation's Lincoln, Nebraska, FBO facility has gained IS-BAH Stage I accreditation.

"Duncan Aviation is the first large MRO to achieve this accreditation," says Troy Hyberger, the company's FBO services manager. "Duncan Aviation has always been serious about safety and customer care in all aspects of its aircraft service. The rigorous standards established through the IS-BAH programme set a high bar for the industry. With more than 60 years of experience, Duncan Aviation was already meeting the majority of those standards. To earn the accreditation, we took all of our tribal knowledge and turned it into official, written policies that can be tracked and measured. Customers who look for the IS-BAH rating will also know what to expect when they utilise our services."

Duncan Aviation's line service amenities include office space, conference rooms, a pilot lounge, advanced weather planning and cafe service. Customers can also receive de-ice/pre-heat, GPU starts with fuel, baggage handling, on-site rental cars/courtesy cars, on-site fitness facilities, corporate hotel rates, quick turn service and NATA Safety 1st certified representatives.

"As a large MRO provider, attaining IS-BAH certification is a little different for us," explains Hyberger. "For example, we often tow aircraft in atypical configurations, like with the tail removed or no interior in place. Best practice policies for all of the variants are documented, tracked and consistently applied."

To help with the accreditation process, asked FBO team leader/FBO safety officer Bob Cornett and line service rep Sean Jensen to lead the effort. They leaned on Duncan Aviation team members throughout the facility, including experts in the areas of quality, flight, safety, environmental, security and many others. Cornett also attended a safety leader training course at business aviation audit company Wyvern Ltd.

Duncan Aviation also operates FBO facilities in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, Michigan, where IS-BAH accreditation is expected by the end of the year. In addition, as Duncan Aviation's Provo, Utah, location is expanded, the facility will begin offering line services. The line team there will use the same processes and procedures as the rest of the enterprise and is expected to receive accreditation within its first year of operation.

According to IS-BAH, there are 138 FBOs worldwide with Stage I accreditation, 57 of which are based in the US.

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