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Retford (Gamston) Airport

Diamond DA62

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DEA increases effectiveness of surveillance with DA62
Intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance missions are on the rise for DEA, and business development director Dicky Patounas says that the DA62 is a perfect fit for delivering longer air time and accurate readings.
Dicky Patounas says that the DA62 MPP offers more lift than its predecessors.

Gamston, UK-based DEA Specialised Airborne Operations has taken delivery of the first DA62 MPP from Diamond Aircraft. DEA's missions include intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), aerial survey and flight calibration.

The DA62 MPP is designed to offer the same features as the DA42 MPP but with added performance and space.

The DEA variant features the Neptum light weight maritime search radar, Kopernikus commercial satcom system, an electro-optical and infrared gyro stabilised MX15 gimbal camera from Wescam and an airborne AIS receiver.

The ergonomic operator station in the second row of the aircraft is equipped with two HD screens, while a mission computer with onboard recording is mounted in the rear compartment.

"We are very pleased and excited to add the DA62 MPP to our expanding fleet of aircraft," comments director of business development Dicky Patounas. "Our growing ISR operations are delivering a first class service to UK government and European agencies on long and demanding missions.

"While we deliver remote sensing, aerial survey, flightpath validation and flight calibration, we felt that the DA62 MPP would help us improve our capability against our ISR business lines, which we are focusing on."

The aircraft has been re-registered onto DEA's UK AOC and its pilots have completed the required type rating conversion. Flights are set to commence this month.

"We chose the DA62 MPP for a number of reasons, but in simple terms we get more lift, which we have turned into avionic payload," adds Patounas. "We can now achieve missions lasting between six and eight hours with an ever improving array of sensors. For each contract we create a bespoke capability package that includes sensitive technologies over and above the standard EO/IR, radar and BLOS capabilities.

"We anticipate significant growth over the next 12 months, not just in our ISR sector but in other areas of the business. We continue to add high calibre individuals into key sectors of our corporate structure who are delivering impressive results. Our team is delivering far more than the sum of its constituent parts, and long may this continue."

Equipped with twin turbocharged single lever FADEC controlled Austro Engine AE330 powerplants, the fully composite DA62 MPP enables 10-hour non-stop missions with fuel consumption of 28 litres an hour at loiter speed. A specialised on top exhaust system blends fresh air with engine exhaust and utilises the cowling to shield exhaust noise.

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