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GHS opts for FlyScan to safeguard helicopter health
German operator Global Helicopter Service (GHS) has become the launch customer for Airbus Helicopters' FlyScan software, designed to analyse and manage the Health & Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) data from its helicopter fleet activities.
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German operator Global Helicopter Service (GHS) has become the launch customer for Airbus Helicopters' FlyScan software, designed to analyse and manage the Health & Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) data from its helicopter fleet activities.

“With FlyScan Supervise, we know we will have reliable insight coming directly from the manufacturer on the details and operational statistics of our in-service fleet,” says GHS CEO Dominik Goldfuss. “It also provides a smart solution for less complex organisations so they no longer have to worry about developing such capabilities in-house. Airbus takes care of everything.”

Executive VP of Airbus Helicopters customer support Matthieu Louvot adds: “FlyScan is based on predictive maintenance: operators can anticipate formerly unscheduled events, avoid operational disruptions and reach a higher level of dispatch reliability. It is one of the services we offer our customers in line with our goal to fully support them in safely and efficiently managing operations.”

The HUMS system, a standard fixture on many Airbus Helicopters platforms, uses sensors placed throughout the aircraft to monitor key components and the overall behaviour of the machine. The system records large amounts of data, which is then transferred for interpretation. By effectively analysing the data and providing feedback, FlyScan is designed to help customers enhance flight safety, increase fleet availability, and reduce the maintenance burden by up to seven per cent.

Three different levels of FlyScan are available for the H225, H175, H145, H135 and Dauphin fleets equipped with HUMS: Advise, for customers already performing HUMS monitoring; Supervise, for customers without a HUMS expert in their organisation, and Guard, for customers managing a HUMS system.

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