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GHS launches rugged H225 for humanitarian work

Global Helicopter Service (GHS) based in Germany has entered its first 19-passenger H225 into service after adding it to the company AOC. The type, the newest member of the Super Puma family, joins a fleet of three Bell 212/412s, all of which are currently deployed in Nigeria for the World Food Programme. It was ferried from France to Germany via Italy, enabling GHS to demonstrate its capability to clients.

The H225 is immediately available for short and long-term work. "For those operators looking for an immediate cost-effective medium or heavy lift solution for their utility on and offshore, peacekeeping or humanitarian programme needs, we have the solution," states customer relations manager Ursula Poecklhofer. "The twin-engine H225 is synonymous with providing a rugged and reliable solution for operators in harsh environments throughout the world and it is the proven choice of those who demand a high degree of flexibility coupled with affordable operating costs. Whether you need to transport passengers, freight or external loads, the H225 takes all scenarios in its stride."

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August 1, 2022
This training tool will offer H145 operators an affordable, compact training solution with realistic flight behaviour and full-body immersion, as well as the 3D vision and high resolution scenery of VR technology.
Airbus develops AAM solutions with Munich airport
June 29, 2022
Airbus and Munich airport are actively building working ecosystems with AAM partners. Their MoI signals the start of their marketing solutions to cities and regions around the world.
Formula One designers bring expertise to CityAirbus structure
June 23, 2022
KLK Motorsport and Gerg will share their race car engineering and manufacturing competencies to design high-end composite solutions and components that will equip CityAirbus NextGen's rear structure.