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Expanding MHS is optimistic despite Munich runway rejection
Munich-based MHS Aviation has echoed local concerns regarding a public referendum which has rejected the development of a third runway there.

Munich-based MHS Aviation has echoed local concerns regarding a public referendum which has rejected the development of a third runway there. "To be competitive in the future, we have to expand in Munich and the airport is a big job machine," says Steffen Fries. "But for us in the executive segment it is not so important because in Oberpfaffenhofen we have a good alternative in case we are limited due to airport slots."

Munich airport business aviation handler EBAS is more concerned: "June 17 was a black day for business aviation," it says. "The citizens of Munich decided against building the third runway. Once Lufthansa's satellite terminal has been completed, the increased number of passengers will have to be handled on the existing two runways.

"The problem of allocating slots will become as acute as that experienced at Frankfurt before the construction of the fourth runway. Business aviation will be allocated fewer slots in favour of the scheduled flights."

EBAS does not believe that the two airports nearby, Manching (Ingolstadt) and Oberpfaffenhofen, are viable alternatives because their layout and opening hours do not allow transfers to scheduled flights. MHS has recently expanded its fleet into new business areas with the addition of two 32-seat Dornier 328-100s available for vip charter as well as ACMI lease to add to the five Learjets the company has been operating for some years now.

All the pilots, flight attendants and ground staff, including the director of flight operations and director of training, have been sourced from an IOSA-certified airline and charter operator, which means that MHS Aviation immediately starts with a great deal of experience in operating this type of aircraft.

The move to bring the Dornier 328 into the MHS fleet has been prompted by the demand for aircraft to handle larger groups of passengers, a factor which has become particularly noticeable in recent times. This means that MHS can apply its outstanding customer service not only to ceos and directors at very cost-effective rates but also to their employees for European business travel.

Speaking about the addition of the new Dornier aircraft, director of charter sales Frank Steitz says: "We see this as a very positive move forward. It means that we can serve a broader clientele and even airlines for AOG support. For the last 12 months we have seen an increase in the demand for group travel of up to 30 passengers. Therefore it was a logical progression to add the Dornier 328s to our fleet. By being able to bring in crew and ground staff from an airline it means the transition to operate these aircraft has been very smooth and exceeded all our expectations."

MHS Aviation also operates two Agusta 109 helicopters with vip cabins, a Eurocopter AS350 BE and a Bell LongRanger. On the fixed wing side the company operates two ambulance equipped Learjet 31 and Learjet 55 jets as well as Learjets 45XR and 60.