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GainJet adds a bedroom to make Boeing 757 'presidential'
GainJet Aviation is aiming to expand the appeal of its vip Boeing 757 through the addition of a stateroom and en-suite bathroom.

GainJet Aviation is aiming to expand the appeal of its vip Boeing 757 through the addition of a stateroom and en-suite bathroom. But the aircraft will still feature 62 vip seats in order to continue to service its current transport clientele.

"The bedroom will be luxuriously appointed, incorporating a clean and modern design, suitable to all tastes," says GainJet. "The double bed will ensure complete comfort and an LCD TV screen will be mounted in the wall of the bedroom for the principal's enjoyment. The spacious en-suite, will be elegantly appointed with the highest quality finishings and marble surfaces."

The company reports that the 757 is popular with many different types of client. Regular customers range from global rock bands and sports teams, through to heads of state and major corporations. In the narrow market of corporate airliners, the most attractive characteristic of this aircraft was its ability to provide vip seating in comfort for all 78 passengers.

So why change a winning formula? GainJet ceo Captain James McBride explains: "It is a carefully calculated move and at the end of the project we will launch a unique product into the market. To be able to offer 62 vip seats and a bedroom, combined with unbeatable range plus ten tonnes of baggage capacity makes this a presidential aeroplane!

"GainJet already has the experience and know-how in this category of large vip passenger groups – quite simply we are expanding from that base. We did a lot of research before we moved forward with this project and examined multiple ways to implement the bedroom idea. We also spoke to our existing customers and were assured that the way we planned the upgrade, we'd be able to sustain its large capacity capability and accommodate their needs."

The reconfigured 757 is part of a fleet that includes vip Boeing 737s, Gulfstream G550, G450s, G200s, and a Global Express XRS, and it is expected to be in service in June 2012.

GainJet is also expecting the delivery of its G550 in April of this year. McBride says: "We not only have decided to spread the range of vip aircraft types that we offer, but we have strategically based them throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in order to maximise convenience for our customers. We continuously examine the market and trends, constantly trying to stay ahead of them. We know that we must be innovative in this fast paced industry."