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GrandNew takes on vip transport in Turkey
Genel Havacilik AS of Turkey has placed an order for a GrandNew light twin helicopter. The aircraft will be used for vip transport services and it is expected to be delivered during June.

Genel Havacilik AS of Turkey has placed an order for a GrandNew light twin helicopter. The aircraft will be used for vip transport services and it is expected to be delivered during June.

"The entire range of AgustaWestland products shares a common dedication to best quality and reliability standards as well as the best performance available today," says Ali Sulyak, Genel Havacilik ceo. "So it is small wonder we selected the GrandNew as the aircraft of choice in its class to satisfy our requirements to operate in the most demanding hot and high conditions of Turkey and cover the long distances of Turkey with extended range and high cruise speed. Thanks to its cutting edge technology, this type will enhance our operations and provide a leap forward in capability."

This will be the first GrandNew helicopter delivered to Turkey. Emilio Dalmasso, svp commercial business unit, AgustaWestland, said: "We are proud that Genel Havacilik has become the first customer in Turkey to choose the GrandNew helicopter to meet its vip transport requirements.

The GrandNew's operational capabilities, second to none in the light twin class, will greatly benefit Genel Havacilik's operations." The GrandNew features the most modern developments in avionics while retaining the original Grand's performance and features. It is the first type certified light twin to enter service with a new EFIS featuring Synthetic Vision and the first helicopter in this class on the market fully compliant with the latest advanced global positioning system-based navigation requirements for all weather operations.

AgustaWestland has a long-standing presence in Turkey through both its commercial and military products, as well as industrial relationships with Turkish companies. More than 30 of its commercial helicopters have been ordered in Turkey by various customers, mainly for executive transport, air tours and emergency medical service missions. Now the manufacturer sees significant future business opportunities for a number of applications including vip/ corporate transport, EMS and passenger shuttle services.

Genel Havacilik is a leading provider of business aviation services in the region and it has been operating for over 20 years. An extensive fleet of business aircraft is operated from bases in Turkey and the Middle East.

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Aero Facility revealed as AW09 distributor
July 1, 2024
Aero Facility signed preliminary sales contracts for six units in March 2023, and this latest move will extend Leonardo’s distributorship strategy to Japan to address all commercial application requirements in the country.
Italian Navy lends support to AW609 tiltrotor programme
July 1, 2024
The demonstration trials are the latest step taken under the activities carried out by a joint working group established in 2022 including Leonardo, the Italian Navy, the Italian Army and Guardia di Finanza.
Leonardo brings AW09 distributors onboard and takes multiple-type orders
June 3, 2024
AW09 distributors are appointed in Europe, with plans for further reinforcement of the type in the region. Meanwhile orders come in for the new VIP-Corporate AW109/AW169/AW139 from Indian operators.