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Sparfell Luftfahrt

M.R. Associates Design

Gulfstream G400/G450

Interior Design

Press Release

Issued by Sparfell Luftfahrt.

May 29, 2023

Sparfell acquires interest in M.R Associates Design

European business jet charter and management company Sparfell has solidified its collaboration with M.R Associates Design, a renowned Swiss design studio specialising in aircraft interiors, by acquiring partial ownership of the design studio. As a result, Sparfell becomes an official stakeholder, further enhancing the synergy between the two entities.

The deepened partnership between Sparfell and M.R Associates Design marks an exciting chapter for both organisations. With 16 years of expertise in design and creation, M.R Associates Design is evolving its identity towards the future, embracing innovation and excellence in every aspect of its work.

At the highly anticipated EBACE 2023, M.R Associates Design proudly presented its latest project: a Gulfstream G450 featuring a radical and extreme design that epitomises the ultimate in private aviation luxury. The G450, which belongs to the Sparfell charter fleet, combines power and versatility, offering a spacious cabin capable of accommodating up to 14 passengers for comfortable long-haul flights. Equipped with advanced avionics and renowned for its reliability, the G450 is a sought-after aircraft among pilots and aircraft owners.

"The partnership between Sparfell and M.R Associates Design represents a collaboration of passion and expertise. Together, we strive to bring forth extraordinary designs that push the boundaries of aviation and exceed the expectations of our discerning clientele," commented Florent Magnin, board member and creative director of M.R Associates Design.

M.R Associates Design's approach to aircraft design encompasses meticulous attention to detail and the pursuit of elegance in every aspect. Whether for new or pre-owned aircraft, the studio carefully conceives and elegantly drafts each detail, working with the finest artisans to bring those ideas to life. This commitment to craftsmanship and creativity is evident in the Gulfstream G450 project, where the design showcases a blend of innovation, sophistication and personalised luxury.

As Sparfell ventures into this exciting new project, the collaboration with M.R Associates Design reaffirms its commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and redefining business aviation. Together, Sparfell and M.R Associates Design are dedicated to creating bespoke aircraft interiors that harmonise comfort, style and functionality, setting new benchmarks in the industry.