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News from Business Air News
London Air Ambulance packs two H135s into fleet renewal programme
July 21, 2022
LAAC frequently operates into physically constrained emergency locations where the public are present, so the compact size of the H135, plus its Fenestron tail rotor and high ground clearance, are attractive features.
London folk's air ambulance support is extended
March 1, 2021
London's Air Ambulance flies an advanced trauma team, comprising a doctor and a paramedic to bring the hospital to the scene. It is expanding on an existing support agreement with Specialist Aviation Services.
UK air ambulance operators use thermo packaging
May 11, 2020
EHAAT's helicopters carry packed red blood cells of type O Negative, meaning they can be used on any patient along with plasma, the other major component of human blood. Yorkshire has also adopted the product.
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