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News from Business Air News
iFuel working to develop more benefits for CIS customers
February 15, 2021
By removing third-party brokers and creating new direct contracts with suppliers, iFuel enables its clients to enjoy lower prices on jet fuel. It has identified the CIS region as very important and is working alongside locals.
iFuel and Total forge deal with sustainability at the centre
November 29, 2020
By 2024, following an investment totalling more than €500 million, Total will focus on four new industrial activities including sustainable aviation biofuels. This aligns nicely with the interests of young broker iFuel.
Fuel review: Annual tenders, shopping around and planning are key to cutting fuel costs
March 11, 2013
After the cost of the aircraft itself, fuel is likely to be the single largest expense of any business aviation operator. So using every opportunity to buy at a cheaper price, or to use less, is vitally important at a time when the industry is under stress.
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