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News from Business Air News
Pacific gears up to produce firefighting F-25
September 1, 2020
Based on the P-750 agricultural aircraft, the F-25 will be equipped with the PT6-140A engine and a 3,000 litre hopper in order to provide 2,500 litres of fire retardant. It is currently available for the 2021 fire season.
Polish skydiving club brings New Zealand's P-750 to Europe
August 2, 2016
A Polish skydiving club has group financed the purchase of a Pacific Aerospace P-750 skydiving aircraft by offering investment bonds to club members.
Moscow PTC first to operate P-750 in Russia
September 12, 2013
Me & My Aircraft: Single turbines score highly for reliability and value with owners throughout Europe
March 12, 2012
For this month's 'Me and My Aircraft' feature we took an unscientific straw-poll of EBAN's readers with single engine turboprop aircraft. Operation of this category of aircraft in IMC or night conditions continues to be an issue, with rules varying from country to country.
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