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Press Release

Issued by JETNET.

September 17, 2019

JETNET to launch JETNET for Salesforce at NBAA-BACE 2019

JETNET LLC, the world leader in business aviation market intelligence, will be using the National Business Aviation Association Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) 2019 to launch JETNET for Salesforce, a new product that integrates JETNET's comprehensive database and search capabilities with the Salesforce app for subscribers of both services.

With the new product, available on the Salesforce AppExchange, Salesforce customers who are also JETNET subscribers have the ability to access JETNET's information in addition to their own, without leaving Salesforce. It will also be featuring a series of new products and upgrades at NBAA-BACE 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, including upgrades for Values, its new Fleet Portfolio Manager, an update to its Flight Activity tools, JETNET API, its new Aircraft Prospector tool and a new Aircraft Acquisition View. JETNET will be demonstrating its full suite of software products and services at NBAA-BACE thoughout October 22-24 2019 from booth #C12435.

“JETNET for Salesforce will be a tremendous advantage for professionals who subscribe to both JETNET and Salesforce,” said Tony Esposito, JETNET president. “They'll have access to two world-class platforms through one unifying app.”

JETNET for Salesforce allows JETNET and Salesforce clients to access and import JETNET company, contact and aircraft data; create, update, and customise company, contact and aircraft records with a single click; maintain original or create new company relationships in aircraft records; navigate JETNET programme links and records without leaving Salesforce; and easily identify and sync data changes since the previous visit. The new release will also have the ability to update and create records from the app/search engine, as well as directly from Account, Contact and Aircraft records.

JETNET worked closely on the implementation with CloudOne+, a CRM consulting/development firm and Salesforce for business aviation specialist. Barry Edwards, founder/managing director of CloudOne+, says its many followers and associates in the Salesforce community will be excited about this must-have release. “CloudOne+ is thrilled to work with JETNET on JETNET for Salesforce,” he said. “It is truly a game-changing and seamless solution for SFDC's business aviation-focused clientele. We are honoured as well to provide installation, maintenance and add-on customisation services for app customers as their newly discovered possibilities and needs inevitably grow in the coming months.”

“Salesforce clients can now work faster, identify prospects sooner and better qualify opportunities,” added JETNET vice president of sales Paul Cardarelli. “This simple product allows them to upgrade to a faster, more accurate Salesforce integration.”

The latest upgrade to JETNET Values includes projected residual values for a wide range of business aircraft, including current market values and 60-month estimated residual values. With these additions, JETNET Values is the only valuation tool to provide a comprehensive look at markets from all perspectives. Subscribers also have access to JETNET's worldwide aircraft database, along with integration of historical asking price trends, recent sale prices and sale price trends for target markets, estimated values (eValues, developed in collaboration with Asset Insight, LLC) generated automatically for most markets. The add-on provides actual reported sold prices, as well as tools for better analysis of pricing data.

JETNET's new Fleet Portfolio Manager allows subscribers to organise, review and analyse even the most complex aircraft fleets. They can build a fleet based on their needs and review it based on a wide variety of perspectives, such as age of fleet, value of fleet, maintenance analytics, flight activity, owners, operations, models, history and more, as well as review existing corporate fleets.

JETNET'S Marketplace and Aerodex Elite products give users the flexibility to organise and analyse individual aircraft, fleet, or operator/company historical flight activity by arrivals and/or departures for selected airports worldwide. Clients can now create detailed reports that include top origin and destination airports, countries, and continents; top operators by business type, country, and continent; top aircraft by serial number with seat capacity for crew/passengers; the number of flights per month; and fuel/tech stops.

JETNET API (Application Programming Interface) is a flexible application programme interface that allows clients to build their own complex custom solutions powered by JETNET's data. Users can also explore and design proprietary programmes able to connect with and manage the data delivered via the firm's RESTful API, including CRMs, market analysis tools, transaction trends, aircraft inventory programmes, fleet management activities or other complex applications.

JETNET Evolution Marketplace clients can now use the company's comprehensive historical transaction database to target companies most likely to purchase a given make/model of aircraft. Saving hours of research, the new Aircraft Prospector tool correlates the make/model specific length of ownership data against the length of time for the current owner, as well as identifying companies which have sold aircraft and not bought another, companies with expiring leases or fractions and more.

The majority of JETNET's dealer and sales professional tools have been centred around supporting professionals in selling aircraft. Many of the firm's customers play dual roles as brokers for selling aircraft and brokers for buying aircraft. JETNET's new Aircraft Acquisition View is designed to provide buyers' brokers with better, easier-to-use tools for effectively specifying buyer needs and then identifying aircraft that may meet those needs. A user need only identify the type of aircraft, passengers, distance, features desired and maintenance requirements, and then launch.

As it has for past NBAA-BACE conferences, JETNET iQ will be holding its annual State of the Market Briefing on Tuesday October 22 in Room N119 from 10:45am -11:30am, hosted by Rolland Vincent, creator/director of JETNET iQ, and Paul Cardarelli, JETNET vice president of sales. JETNET will provide details on market conditions, the latest forecasts on fleet and new aircraft deliveries of business fixed wing turbines and proprietary insights from JETNET iQ's global business aviation surveys of business aircraft owner/operator opinions. The largest on-going research effort of its kind, JETNET iQ Reports include insights from more than 17,000 survey respondents in 133 countries worldwide. JETNET iQ has also just announced the dates for its 10th anniversary JETNET iQ Summit for June 8-9 2020. The Summit will convene business aviation professionals from across the industry to share and expand their understanding of the market.