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Based at Vilshofen airport in Lower Bavaria, Germany, flYellow's Grand Caravan is in easy reach of Europe's economic and cultural centres.

Based at Vilshofen airport in Lower Bavaria, Germany, flYellow's Grand Caravan is in easy reach of Europe's economic and cultural centres.

July 9, 2018

flYellow launches commercial SET operations

After a 12 month planning phase flYellow GmbH is ready for commercial flights throughout Europe from its base at Vilshofen airport near Passau with a newly acquired Cessna Grand Caravan.

"Especially with such a project nothing is as important as thinking through everything down to the very last detail," says Harald Eichberger, managing director and founder of flYellow and Eicherberger Reisen.

Eicherberger Reisen, one of the largest coach companies in Lower Bavaria, cooperates with many cruise companies which call at Passau all year round. Ship passengers who leave the ship during their day trips are brought to their destination by the services of Eichberger Reisen. "First our guests flew with a chartered four-seater helicopter to Kempten and Reutte to visit Neuschwanstein Castle." It soon became apparent, however, that a larger and faster machine had to be purchased due to rising demand and weather conditions. The future for flYellow was an airplane.

"This brings Lower Bavaria and the region around Passau closer to the European economic and cultural centres, which brings great advantages for business customers in particular," explains Harald Eichberger.

"The Cessna C208 offers many advantages over a helicopter and is the ideal device for our range of applications," says Maximilian Schuster, professional pilot. "and freight flights are also possible.

"We are twice as fast, can now carry nine passengers, are ready for action in all weathers, need 50% less fuel per passenger, can thus reduce the transport price for our customers by almost 60% and, thanks to the modern four-blade propeller, are only half as loud both in the cabin and outwards as a helicopter. The C208 also offers short take-off and landing characteristics on runways with a runway length of only 800 metres. This is a huge advantage: we can also land at smaller airports, which are often closer to the city centre than large international airports. Thus we offer our customers time and cost savings."

Speaking of cabins, flYellow's Grand Caravan is the only machine of its type in Europe with "Oasis" luxury equipment. On eight 360-degree rotating leather seats, passengers can make themselves comfortable, use the time to work or relax while simply flying over traffic jams, construction sites or road closures. A refrigerator for snacks and a coffee machine are also available. Air conditioning is a matter of course. The equipment corresponds exactly to that of a business jet.

The customer determines the departure time: As an on-demand airline, flYellow takes care of the entire journey, organizing a VIP shuttle at both the departure and destination airports.

The time saving compared to a car is considerable and the search for a parking space at the airport is no longer necessary, while long waiting times at the security checkpoint or in the terminal are history.

The new Cessna Grand Caravan meets the highest standards for both passengers and pilots. The integrated weather radar, Garmin's latest generation glass cockpit, the most reliable turbine in the world and a de-icing system guarantee maximum passenger safety.

Four experienced professional pilots are currently in the service of flYellow. "Several times a year we train all conceivable scenarios on the machine, in good and bad weather, theoretically and practically. Nothing is more important to us than a well maintained aircraft and pilot training at the highest level," explains Schuster.

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