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Issued by Deer Jet.

April 16, 2018

Deer Jet launches extra-value plans for charter and aircraft management at ABACE 2018

The premier business aviation company Deer Jet has launched four innovative plans for its on-demand charter and aircraft management services. The plans are aimed to allow a broader customer base to experience the advantages of private jet travel and to reward its most loyal clients. The new products include the Entry Experiential Plan, Jet Card 4.0, Ferry-waived Card and Deer Jet AM Care+.

The Entry Experiential Plan is the first product of this type ever offered by the company and new for the on-demand charter market. With this plan, Deer Jet has simplified very complex fees by consolidating all in one single fixed + service fee for its charter services. According to the company, the plan offers best-in-value for individual and corporate clients, and can also be contracted on group basis.

A second product announced at ABACE is the Jet Card 4.0. As one of the most demanded products in the charter market, Deer Jet has included a bundle of complimentary services and upgrades to its jet card including luxury limousine transfers and aircraft type upgrades among many other benefits.

Another launch was the Ferry-waived Card, designed for international charter clients, offering ferry-free service for qualified charter flights. This is a benefit not many companies can offer, giving travellers extra value and one more reason to fly with Deer Jet.

After simplifying charter fees with its Entry Experiential Plan, Jet Card 4.0 and Ferry-waived Card, Deer Jet has also introduced the Deer Jet AM Care+ for aircraft owners, whom represent 70% of the company's clients. The plan offers special management fees, complimentary flight hours, member-rates for maintenance and ground handling, and priority parking at Beijing Capital International Airport among others.

Once again Deer Jet has unveiled a very valuable set of products, offering easy access to on-demand jet charters, and by adding extra value to each stage of the aircraft management and flight operations process, promising travellers and owners truly worry-free travel experiences.

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