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Issued by Aeropeople.

March 5, 2015

Aeropeople confirms quality processes and is awarded industry's first “Standards in Recruitment” certificate

Aeropeople, a leading dedicated aerospace technical services provider and which also serves other high tech engineering sectors, is the first company to be awarded the newly launched Standards in Recruitment (SiR) accreditation.

Alistair Singleton, managing director of SiR, comments: “The SiR accreditation is not a tick-box exercise, it's all about rewarding and differentiating companies that can demonstrate they have and follow well-documented process from those that simply claim they do. Aeropeople was keen to rise to the challenge and benchmark its processes against SiR.”

Compared with awards that can be applied for through membership to a trade association, SiR raises the bar significantly as the auditing process is performed entirely on-site and is wholly evidence-based. Aeropeople's compliance manager, Julie Welford, comments: “We believe it is important to demonstrate our unwavering attitude to quality and that we comply with the most appropriate and emerging standards.”

Aeropeople's SiR audit was conducted in December 2014. Auditors interviewed several Aeropeople personnel and asked them open questions about their working practices and to demonstrate their ability to locate all documentation relevant to their activities.

Singleton notes: “Whilst SiR is a very rigorous process, it's not about tripping companies up against a checklist. Rather, it sets out to identify breaks in consistency. In Aeropeople's case, our auditors were pleased to discover only a few documents that could benefit from the addition of a little more detail to bring them into line with the rest of the company's paperwork. Aeropeople should be very proud.”

Aeropeople's SiR accreditation is valid until January 2017, before which date the company will be fully re-audited.

Welford concludes: “Auditing is very important to us. However, depth of accreditation is important too, as that's what really allows us to demonstrate to our customers that we're the best at what we do.”