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Press Release

Issued by British Business and General Aviation Association.

June 29, 2011

BBGA announces appointment of Marc Bailey as chief executive

The Council of the British Business and General Aviation Association (BBGA) today announced that Marc Bailey has been appointed as Chief Executive. This appointment is effective from the 27th June 2011. As the national trade Association the BBGA supports and promotes the well-being of a sustainable, profitable General Aviation industry. The value of this market to the UK economy is in excess of £2 Billion per annum and it is vital that during this period of economic recovery everything possible is done to encourage growth in the sector. Success in this sector will encourage continued economic growth in the UK, and our ability to encourage international customers and their

investment into the UK is central to retaining our position within the European Community.

Marc believes we are at a critical point in our recovery as an industry, with VAT changes and proposed changes to the Air Passenger Duty we must make sure that we retain our competitiveness in a European market. If we get these changes wrong we could do irreparable damage to our market and in so doing damage the UK economy.

The Association represents its members at local, national, European and international levels. In particular the BBGA is seeking closer working relationships with major associations in these areas and it has been recognised that there is great strength in working to common objectives. Whilst working closely with the 'European Business Aviation Association' (EBAA) a European Council has been formed 'European Council of General Aviation Support' (ECOGAS) and this seeks to represent areas of aviation not covered by the EBAA. This body has growing support and is working well to represent our industry requirements at a European level with EASA.

Marc Bailey has been working with the BBGA as COO since the beginning of December 2010; following a successful six months with the association the BBGA council took the opportunity to consider restructuring the organisation. It was decided that this is an ideal opportunity to strengthen the BBGA team under a CE and that this structure was the most effective way to deliver its members requirements.Marc's previous role before December 2010 was with Cobham Aviation Services (formerly FR Aviation) where he has held a succession of increasingly responsible positions since joining them in 1998, culminating with that of Head of Quality, Continuing Airworthiness and Training which he held since 2002.

He has chaired the BBGA's Engineering Committee since 2006, and was elected to the association's Governing Council in 2007. He was also a founder member of the United Kingdom Maintenance Error Management System (UKMEMS), a body for which he is currently Deputy Chair, and also chairs the European Independent Maintenance Group (EIMG), as well as playing an active role in the United Kingdom Operators Group (UKOTG) which represents the views of major airline operators in the UK in discussions with the CAA and EASA. Marc is also a member of the EASA Advisory Board and Chairman of ECOGAS.

Marc is a graduate from City University with a BSc Hons in 'Air Transport Engineering' and a graduate from Lancaster University with an MBA. As a professional aircraft engineer Marc still retains his EASA Part 66 B1/B2/C engineering licences and has been a UK CAA form 4 post holder in several roles.