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News from Business Air News
Duncan Aviation expands API blended winglet authorisation
May 5, 2022
Duncan Aviation’s Provo, Utah MRO location is now designated as an authorised installer for API blended winglets, giving western US customers a more convenient option for winglet installations.
Duncan sinks its teeth into Two Bear Falcon 900EX mod
April 8, 2021
Duncan Aviation has delivered the 100th pair of Aviation Partners, Inc. (API) blended winglets on a Dassault Falcon aircraft. The lucky recipient was Two Bear Management, a private operator based in Montana.
API turns to Volare to install Blended Winglets
January 28, 2021
API's performance enhancing Blended Winglets for the Hawker 800 series purport to reduce drag by over seven per cent at long range cruise. Volare, based in Oxford, UK, has performed a successful installation.
May 17, 2020AP's industry veteran Gary is not done yet
March 31, 2020NBAA mourns winglet pioneer Joe Clark
November 19, 2018Aviation Partners quantifies eco-effect of winglet technologies
November 13, 2012Me & my aircraft; Super midsize jets: Latest models bring advanced technology to super midsize arena
May 6, 2009Gainjet says its B757 adds new dimension to long haul comfort
June 27, 2007NetJets adds winglets to boost Falcon range
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