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Electric Power Systems (EPS)   (U.S.A.)


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News from Business Air News
EPS to put batteries in Elfly seaplane demonstrator
July 26, 2023
The EPS team’s experience supporting battery technology on complementary programmes positions them well for Elfly's seaplane, which will fly under AOC in Norway. The Noemi is designed for 200 km air journeys.
Plans and prototypes put Regent in prime position
April 19, 2023
Regent has unveiled a full scale mock-up of its all-electric seaglider as well as plans for facilities in Rhode Island. The upcoming 600,000 sq ft of manufacturing space will allow it to fulfil $8bn in orders.
Plana signs with EPS for battery power
November 2, 2022
The South Korean developer will deploy EPS’s battery system for its commercial hybrid eVTOL aircraft, targeted for commercialisation in 2028.
September 21, 2022EP Systems will supply batteries for Ampaire's Eco Caravan
August 1, 2022SkyDrive selects power and structure partners for flying car
August 1, 2022EPS will advance battery capability for Supernal
April 14, 2022Safran brings expertise to Aura Aero ERA
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