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Aura Aviation   (U.K.)
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News from Business Air News
Tim Barber departs JetBrokers and Aura
August 4, 2015
Regional md of JetBrokers and partner in Aura Aviation Tim Barber is set to leave both businesses but will continue to handle his current sales and acquisition mandates until they have been fully concluded.
Me & my aircraft - VLJs provide cut-price option for clients, yet operators must still meet midsize costs
November 7, 2013
Me & my aircraft – Midsize jets: Long-legged Latitude and Legacy 500 will breathe life into the midsize sector
March 11, 2013
The midsize jet sector is in a state of transition, with the most aged models nearing extinction and thoroughly modern new types about to enter service. Some of the earliest purpose-built business jets fell in this category, and there are some of these 1960s designs still flying today.
PERSPECTIVES – Business aviation through the eyes of the aircraft salesman Part 2
March 9, 2011
Special focus - Selling your aircraft with ease: It's a tough market, but well prepared aircraft and owners can still find a buyer
November 4, 2010
Honesty is the best policy when selling pre-owned aircraft in the business aviation sector, according to brokers. Sellers should provide full information up front in the knowledge that serious potential buyers will almost invariably conduct a rigorous selection procedure.
Special focus - The Airborne Office: Demand rises for the perfect working platform in the sky
April 28, 2010
March 3, 2010Special Focus - Buying with confidence Part 2: The hunt is always on for aircraft that will do the job and hold their value well
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