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Avfuel Corporation
Avfuel Corporation
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Signature Flight Support   (FBO)
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Also at 2 other locations:   Paris (Le Bourget)Paris (Le Bourget) 

News from Business Air News
Le Castellet and Oxford invest to attract corporate and charter aircraft
April 3, 2008
Improvements to airport facilities in Europe are encouraging charter operators to expand their fixed wing and helicopter fleets.
More new locations for Avitat services
February 1, 2008
ExxonMobil Aviation's Avitat network this year celebrates its 40th anniversary.
More acquisitions as U.S.-style FBOs stamp their signature on Europe
October 10, 2007
U.S. companies continue to expand their FBO networks in Europe. New moves by Signature and Encore reflect a growing awareness of the potential for U.S.-style FBO services in Europe.
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