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CFM56-7B Series

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Variants:   CFM56-7B20, CFM56-7B20/2, CFM56-7B20/3, CFM56-7B20E, CFM56-7B22, CFM56-7B22/2, CFM56-7B22/3, CFM56-7B22/3B1, CFM56-7B22/B1, CFM56-7B22E, CFM56-7B22E/B1, CFM56-7B24, CFM56-7B24/2, CFM56-7B24/3, CFM56-7B24/3B1, CFM56-7B24/B1, CFM56-7B24E, CFM56-7B24E/B1, CFM56-7B26, CFM56-7B26/2, CFM56-7B26/3, CFM56-7B26/3B1, CFM56-7B26/3B2, CFM56-7B26/3B2F, CFM56-7B26/3F, CFM56-7B26/B1, CFM56-7B26/B2, CFM56-7B26E, CFM56-7B26E/B1, CFM56-7B26E/B2, CFM56-7B26E/B2F, CFM56-7B26E/F, CFM56-7B27, CFM56-7B27/2, CFM56-7B27/3, CFM56-7B27/3B1, CFM56-7B27/3B1F, CFM56-7B27/3B3, CFM56-7B27/3F, CFM56-7B27A, CFM56-7B27A/3, CFM56-7B27AE, CFM56-7B27/B1, CFM56-7B27/B3, CFM56-7B27E, CFM56-7B27E/B1, CFM56-7B27E/B1F, CFM56-7B27E/B3, CFM56-7B27E/F

Aircraft applications
Boeing B-737
Boeing BBJ1
Boeing BBJ2
Boeing BBJ3
U.S.A. CFM International
Engine maintenance centres
Canada StandardAero (Winnipeg)
Mexico Snecma America Engine Services
U.S.A. Ascent Aviation Services , Delta TechOps , GE Aviation On Wing Support Center , iAero Thrust , IAG Engine Center USA , Jet Engine Solutions , King Aerospace Commercial Corporation , MTU Maintenance Dallas , Pacific Aerospace Resources & Technologies , Turbine Engine Center
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Press Releases
King Aerospace selected as GE OnPoint service centre18/10/2018


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