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Ascendance Flight Technologies   (France)
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News from Business Air News
Operators worldwide line up behind hybrid-electric Atea
July 23, 2022
Letters of intent from Helifirst and Jet Systems in France, amongst others, confirm the sector’s interest in the hybrid technology, endurance and versatility of the Atea aircraft.
Yugo selects Atea for Asia Pacific operations
March 1, 2022
Yugo is diversifying its fleet of private jets and helicopters with an order for 18 five-seat hybrid-electric VTOLs. The Atea is designed for urban and regional use and has a range of 400 km, low noise and low emissions.
Redesigned VTOL unveiled by Ascendance Flight Technologies
December 5, 2021
After three years of R&D, Ascendance has reinvented its VTOL Atea. The prototype has tandem wings that house eight integrated rotors as well as a hybrid propulsion system. Production is scheduled for 2025.
September 23, 2021Ascendance's Atea VTOL could be ready by Paris Olympics
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