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Issued by Mahindra Aerospace.

August 30, 2018

Mahindra Aerospace signs Botswana's Major Blue Air as first worldwide customer for FAA certified Airvan 10

Mahindra Aerospace Private Limited has signed Botswana's Major Blue Air Ltd as its first worldwide customer for its Federal Aviation Administration certified 10-seater turboprop aircraft, the Airvan 10. This is to further strengthen the importance MAPL assigns to Botswana, a very important and successful Mahindra Aerospace Airvan 8 market.

To experience the wide and panoramic beauty of Botswana or travel inland, the Airvan is the most suitable aircraft for the tourism industry in Botswana, which is the Airvan's largest single airport operation.

Commenting on Mahindra Aerospace's first Airvan 10 customer, Mr. SP Shukla, group president, aerospace, defence and steel, Mahindra Group and chairman, Mahindra Aerospace said, “Tourism companies in Botswana reposed their faith in Mahindra Group when they introduced Airvan 8 into their aircraft fleets. Eventually the Airvan proved to be the most suitable aircraft for their tourism operations and scenic flights across the country. We are delighted that Maun in Botswana is among Airvan's top markets. It is a matter of immense pride to see the first Airvan 10 being introduced in this important market.”

Mr. Arvind Mehra, executive director and CEO, Mahindra Aerospace said, “Over last few years, we have enhanced our focus and attention on this very important market. With increasing traffic and 2018 being one of the highest in terms of tourism growth, this market needed a bigger and turbine aircraft. I compliment Major Blue for becoming the first customer of Airvan 10 which very well complements the existing flying fleet of Airvan 8. We look forward to many more Airvan 8 and Airvan 10 flying.”

The Airvan 10 is an ideal upgrade for most operators who need added seating capacity and are looking for a more cost effective solution against other alternatives. Mahindra Aerospace, therefore, wanted to bring its first Airvan 10 to a city/country which connects well with the Airvan family. Major Blue Air, having experienced a wonderful return on its existing Airvan 8 fleet, wanted to upgrade and chose to be the first worldwide customer of Airvan 10.

Botswana, a landlocked country in southern Africa, has a landscape defined by the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta, which becomes a lush animal habitat during the seasonal floods. The massive Central Kalahari Game Reserve, with its fossilized river valleys and undulating grasslands, is home to numerous wild animals. The large scenic windows of AIrvan 8 and Airvan 10 present a wonderful opportunity to tourists to experience nature at its best.

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