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January 2020 - EMEA - Air OPS Europe preview

  • Falcon 50 turns forty - the first Falcon 50s entered service in 1980, marking the dawn of the hugely successful Dassault tri-jet range. We seek out the '50s now in harness.
  • Check list: Passenger security - what steps can charter companies, FBOs, airports and crew take to ensure that nobody onboard represents a security threat?

February 2020 - North America - NBAA S&D preview

  • Fifty years a Chancellor - the Cessna 414 entered service in 1969, an economical unpressurised yet highly capable twin. Many of the earliest are still flying, so to what does it owe its longevity?

March 2020 - Asia Pacific - ABACE preview

  • Making the case: Helicopter connections - real world examples revealing how helicopter transport can be a valuable tool for the time-poor, and how close co-operation with jet operations can pay dividends.

April 2020 - EMEA

  • FBO Feedback; Europe, Middle East and Africa - the results of our survey, and news of the latest developments and facilities
  • Check list: What is the least you should expect from your aircraft management company? Experts compare notes.

May 2020 - EMEA - EBACE preview

  • Check list: The greatest upgrades - which avionics, engine or cabin enhancements deliver the greatest return-on-investment? We ask installation veterans and experts.
  • Making the case: Aircraft ownership - Aircraft management experts compare typical business models to assess the merits of aircraft ownership versus ad-hoc charter.

June 2020 - EMEA - Farnborough preview

  • Check list: Coping with the 'C' check - following aircraft owners (jet, turboprop and helicopter) through the process of major maintenance checks. When is the 'C' check no longer viable? Unexpected findings and the opportunity to upgrade.
  • Euro 2020 - with matches spread around the continent, last-minute transport to the knock-out stages is going to be a challenge. We run through the airport options. Also; heading for the Tokyo Olympics.

July 2020 - South America - LABACE preview

  • Urban mobility - how all-electric air taxi systems are set to transform the final hop from airport to city centre.

August 2020 - EMEA - ACE preview

  • Making the case: Jet charter - in which we ask brokers to analyse imaginary executive schedules to compare business charter to the commercial alternatives. Simple case studies making the case for air charter.
  • Charter brokers - just exactly what do they expect?

September 2020 - North America - NBAA-BACE preview

  • Making the case: Fractional ownership - we compare the options, large and small, and consider the future for fractions.
  • Check list: Fuel and how to burn less of it. We consider the future technology which will revolutionise flight, and the current fuel initiatives to reduce and mitigate business aviation's environmental footprint

October 2020 - EMEA

  • Check list: Inflight catering. Sampling the latest trends, and tackling technical challenges.
  • The BAN Inspiration Awards - throughout the year we gather nominations for our aircraft owner/operator subscribers around the world in categories: charity, community, employer and environment, with winners revealed and broadcast live at the ACE show in September.

November 2020 - EMEA - MEBAA Dubai preview

  • Check list: Recurrent training; above and beyond - how some of the world's largest business jet fleet operators handle ongoing training, both mandatory and optional.

December 2020 - EMEA

  • Check list: The challenging process of cabin completion - from the perspective of one aircraft owner, through supplier selection, specification, design, implementation and entry into service.
  • Africa's tiger economies. We examine the business aviation hotspots across the continent, and consider the future.

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